There will be a pretty cool full moon out tonight, but you may be missing the best part.

So do you want the good news first, or the bad news? Well, this is a blog so just scroll accordingly.

Good News

Tonight is July's full moon, also called the Thunder Moon or Buck Moon. That's because July is typically full of thunderstorms and it's also the time of year that bucks start to lose their antlers and grow new ones.

It's also considered a half-blood moon, which just makes me think of Harry Potter.

July's moon is only a half-blood because of the Earth's position. Only half of the moon will end up in the Earth's shadow tonight, making only half of it appear red.

Sounds super cool right? Well...

Bad News

We won't actually be able to see this half-blood status.

The partial eclipse happening in the night's sky is not going to be visible from North America.

If you are reading this from the Fun 107 App in Chile or Argentina, then you will be able to see tonight's lunar eclipse.

For the rest of us, it will just be a normal looking full moon overhead.

But it is supposed to be a mostly clear night around the SouthCoast, so you can get outside to see the moon and maybe even snap some cool pics from the beach or something.

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