Crystal O’Leary  paints seasonal murals on the elementary school’s windows on the Bennett school in Taunton  from time to time, but was upset when she noticed someone had scraped off and covered up the first two words of her “God bless America” mural.She told  the principal she planned to paint a patriotic mural  “The last thing I wanted to do was cause trouble.” she said.

Here is what the superintendent of Taunton Public Schools had to say.

“I respect the values and opinions of the parents who spoke out on the issue, and I support the principal who is an excellent leader of a wonderful school,” “Decisions get made every day in schools that subject us to public scrutiny; sometimes it’s earned, and sometimes it isn’t. In this case, I can tell you that this was not about religion or patriotism, and there was no mal-intent. This was a matter of miscommunication, from which we all can learn.”

Apparently the painting was altered by another parent.