The Fun 107 staff watched Greater New Bedford Voc Tech senior, Max Kane, absolutely crush the Star Spangled Banner yesterday at the senior-send off pep rally.  We just HAD to share it!

Fun 107 was thrilled to be asked to participate in yesterday's senior-sendoff at Greater New Bedford Voc Tech. As the entire school filed into the Walter Z. Janiak Fieldhouse and found their seats, a festive atmosphere could be felt by both faculty and students. Fun 107 was there to introduce the Spring sports teams and recognize the student-athletes that were moving on to play at the collegiate level.  Assistant Principal Wally Williams was getting the crowd fired up, but none of us could have expected what came next when he demanded silence and invited GNBVT senior, Mak Kane to the center of the fieldhouse court.  Mr. Williams handed the floor to Kane, who took a few steps back and approached the microphone like a cougar getting ready to pounce.

It was obvious Kane was proud to be representing his school and his country as he sang.  I've never seen an amateur, teenaged student sing the Star Spangled Banner wtih more emotion and vigor.  The entire school erupted in cheers as Max belted out the familiar words "O'er the laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand of the freeeeeeeee.  And the hoooooooome of theeeeeeeeee braaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaave!"  Watch Max's performance in the YouTube video above.

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