As the academic year winds down, high school pep rallies are in full swing, accompanied by the popular trend of creative "promposals."

These unique and often elaborate ways to ask someone to prom have become a hallmark of high school life. However, when a pep rally and a promposal merge, the result is a spectacular display of creativity and school spirit.

Greater New Bedford Regional Vocational-Technical High School played home to a memorable proposal for two members of the Class of 2025. During a pep rally on the school's football field, with over 2,000 enthusiastic students in attendance, this one stole the show.

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What started as a talent show paved the way for the GNBVT Bear mascot to take center stage. As the mascot attempted to "roar" into the microphone held by Principal Warly Williams, an unexpected twist unfolded. The Bear grabbed the mic and spoke.

Having once served as the Wildcat mascot for Westport High School, I know the cardinal rule: Mascots typically do not talk, especially if they are animals. This moment, however, was an exception that made perfect sense.

Enter junior Henrique Tobias, who orchestrated a surprise promposal with remarkable secrecy. Tobias removed his mascot head, revealing his identity to the astonished crowd. As the students erupted in excitement, he took the opportunity to ask junior Alexah Delmas-Azor to prom.

Delmas-Azor responded with an enthusiastic "yes," creating an uproar of cheers and smiles from Tobias and friends. Fun 107 intern Aidan Buck captured the moment and interviewed Tobias about the plan.

"This idea came to me the day before the pep rally because I wanted to do something big for her," Tobias said. "I didn’t know what at first, but when people mentioned the pep rally, I decided to do it there. The whole plan was very last-minute, and I'm just thankful that Mr. Williams allowed me to do it. He suggested I use the Bear mascot, which I thought was a great idea. Then, 20 minutes later, slightly nervous and without a pre-prepared speech, I just asked her with the microphone."

It just goes to show how a high school tradition can be transformed into an unforgettable moment. Kudos to Tobias for his remarkable promposal and to Delmas-Azor, who will forever remember the time she was asked to prom in front of the entire school.

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