When you think of Kenny Chesney songs, you probably picture the Caribbean, sailboats, sailboards or that bar at the end of the world.

You most likely don't conjure up images of Massachusetts – especially Gloucester, Massachusetts.

Not for nothing, Gloucester is a pretty cool place. I have roots in Gloucester on my mother's side of the family, mainly fishermen and fishing wives.

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Gloucester is no Cape Cod, Martha's Vineyard or Nantucket. So what attracted Kenny Chesney to Gloucester to shoot the video for a hit song?

It was the fishing boats.

The song "Knowing You," co-authored by Adam James, Brett James and Kat Higgins and produced by Chesney with Buddy Cannon, was released on March 15, 2021. The song is included on the 2020 album Here and Now.

Kenny Chesney Shot 'Knowing You' Video in This Massachusetts City
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The video for "Knowing You," directed by Shaun Silva, was released on March 12, 2021. It was filmed in Gloucester and at sea aboard the Gloucester-based fishing vessel Orion.

Rolling Stone's Joseph Hudak says, "The cinematic clip finds the country star contemplating loves and lives lost."

Chesney, no stranger to the sea, recalled in a YouTube video how difficult it was for some crew members to shoot the video for "Knowing You."

"One of my favorite environments was being on that fishing boat in Gloucester, Massachusetts in New England," Chesney said.

But Chesney said not everyone enjoyed the experience.

"Now there were some people in the film crew that hadn't necessarily been on the water as much as I had," he said.

Chesney said as the Orion pulled further away from shore, the voyage got tougher for some.

"Now when we got out of Gloucester Harbor and we went about an hour or 45 minutes out into the gray Atlantic Ocean, it was really rough out there for you know, a good while and I could just see it in some of the film crews faces that they were fighting nausea really bad and getting seasick," he said.

"Once you get to that place out there on the boat there's no turning back," Chesney said.

"I'm not saying that was my favorite moment because it wasn't but it's a moment that sticks out a lot and watching them overcome their nausea to try to film a great video, and that's what they did, I was very appreciative," he said. "But that's something that definitely stands out in shooting this film."

The song did ok on the Billboard Country charts but was not one of Chesney's biggest hits.

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