You usually watch your food around seagulls, but apparently you should now keep an eye on your wallet too.

A Rhode Island man had his wallet swiped by a seagull in Gloucester, MA Saturday and ended up needing a cherry picker to get it back!

According to, the gull grabbed the wallet from the top of a pizza box and then dropped it on the roof of a building on Main St in Gloucester.

The birds turned out to be babies, so maybe they didn't know any better.

Lucky for the owner, Brian Fines of Rhode Island, two men were working hanging lights with a cherry picker on Main St at the same time and they offered to get up on the roof to retrieve the wallet.

When they got up there the gulls were trying to eat the money holder and were pretty territorial about their assumed meal.

The two men worked together to distract the birds and grab the wallet without anyone (or any bird) being injured.

And Fines told New England Cable News that he hopes to repay his wallet rescuers soon.

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