After months of hard work and dedication, the giant snowman head that was being built in Somerset came tumbling down.

“Jughead” was just about complete, but thanks to the storm that swept through the SouthCoast Friday morning, the giant structure is in shambles, leaving Melissa Morgado to fetch dozens of milk jugs scattered throughout her neighborhood.

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I recently shared Morgado’s project that was turning heads on Pierce Lane in Somerset. Since September, Morgado has been collecting milk jugs to create a gigantic snowman’s head. Standing around nine feet tall with about 900 milk jugs used and lots of hot glue, Jughead was almost complete, and the community was in awe of the Christmas sculpture.

When Morgado woke up this morning, Jughead looked more like Humpty Dumpty after the great fall.

“I checked him at 7 am and he was fine,” she said. “At 7:30 am, he was across the yard, blowing all over the neighborhood.”

Neighbors were quick to ask if she would attempt to rebuild, but Morgado doesn’t think so.

“Getting as far as I did took almost two months and $150 in glue. Never mind the endless pickups of jugs,” she said. “Unless someone drops (off) 300 extra-large glue sticks and 30 hours of a babysitter in my lap, I think it’s just done.”

Morgado is heartbroken to see all of those hours of work ruined by a single storm, but after seeing the positive response from her neighbors, she will attempt a different sculpture next season.

“Something that’s a little more storm-proof,” she said.

RIP Jughead. I can’t wait to see what Morgado comes up with next year.

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