Can you imagine the surprise on Kyle Nadeau's face when he pulled up to his home after work on Thursday afternoon and realized that the plastic fence he installed in the front of his yard was missing?

The Nadeau's had put up the fence to keep the leaves from blowing from the park across the street into their yard.  They never would have dreamed someone would steal the fence.  "It only costs us about $150 or $200.  I'm not looking to ruin someone's life over this. I would like my stuff back, though," said Nadeau.

There he was, clear as day.  In the middle of broad daylight the Somerset Fence Snatcher appeared cool, calm, and collected in the video, going about his business like a professional.

When Jackie, who was also not home at the time, noticed their camera had picked up motion in her front yard, she casually looked until she saw the strange man meticulously folding up the plastic fence as if he'd done it dozens of times before.

"Hi, can I help you?  What are you doing?  Excuse me!" she called out to the fence snatcher, who calmly continued to walk down the street with the fence under his left arm.  "Put it back!" she demanded, but the snatcher had no response.  He only shot a confused look towards the camera.

The Nadeaus called Somerset Police to see if a cruiser in the area might intercept the fence snatcher, but they were too late.  Kyle and Jackie aren't sure if the fence was stolen out of need or if it was because the person didn't like the way it looked in front of their home.

Kyle Nadeau says another nearby neighbor from an adjacent street has identified the person who swiped the fence.  Nadeau says the neighbor also has additional video that better shows the suspect, however he wanted to provide it to the Somerset Police officer that is working on the case before sending it to Fun 107.

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