A strange sculpture is starting to take shape in Somerset, leaving people with lots of questions about what it could be. The woman behind the sculpture is Somerset native Melissa Morgado. She is a wife and mother of two who decided to tackle an at-home project that is slowly becoming a 10-foot snowman made out of milk jugs.

How It Started

Now that her youngest child is in preschool, Melissa Morgado found herself with extra time at home and decided to do something fun for the holidays.

“My husband is always giving me a hard time, saying that I always have projects and always come up with something new, and I said to him, ‘Don’t test me, I’ll come up with something big.’ This ended up being way bigger than I thought it would be,” she said.

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How It’s Going

Since September, Morgado has been collecting milk jugs for her gigantic snowman; 510 have been used so far and it’s not even done.

“Right now, it’s about 5 feet tall. It will probably be around 10 feet when it’s done,” she said.

With a little help from her sons and her husband and a lot of help from hot glue and wire, Morgado has been busy constructing her giant masterpiece.

Her husband built a pole in the middle of the structure and wrapped Christmas lights around it, so it will illuminate from the inside out.

Help from the Community

Morgado’s family could only drink so much milk, so she leaned on the community for milk jug donations.

“People drop them off and even restaurants have reached out,” she said. “Cumberland Farms in Westport has been saving them for me, as well.”

As Morgado’s larger-than-life snowman takes shape, her fellow neighbors on Pierce Lane seem to be enjoying the process.

“People are constantly driving by and beeping. The community is really enjoying it,” Morgado said.

Morgado admitted that this project became a lot bigger than expected and doesn’t plan on resurrecting the 10-foot snowman every year, but she and her husband plan on continuing to build a new structure every year to bring a little joy around the holidays.

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