We've all seen a happy couple get engaged at a live sporting event before, but did you know there's a cost associated with it?

I honestly never thought of that part of it!  I guess I thought the guy called the venue ahead of time and asked if he could put his message on the message board, they said yes, and that's was it!  Well, no, there's a little more to it than that.

Depending on which baseball field you choose, will depend on the cost of doing a MLB style proposal.  Swimmingly.com, reached out to all the Major League Baseball teams to find out pricing for ballgame engagements.

Here's the deal, not all baseball fields offer engagement packages, but for the ones that do, there's a price.  However, the money does all goes to charity.

If you're looking for the most romance, you'd want to do your proposal at the Cleveland Indians field....they'll include fireworks for you and the cost is kind of low compared to some others, $400.

If you're looking for the cheapest option, Pittsburgh Pirates field would be the way to go, just $39 bucks to do a proposal!

Or, if you want to keep it local with your World Series Champion Boston Red Sox, they offer a couple of different packages, varying from $250 to $350.

Maybe it's a little cliche to pop the question at a ballgame for thousands to see, or maybe it's just a pretty neat experience!  To each their own, right?

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