Halloween might be over, but our love for food is a year-round holiday and you need to celebrate it at Boston Burger Co. in Salem. 

My boyfriend and I went to Salem last night (on Halloween!) because 1) I'd never been on actual Halloween before and 2) because we saw the pictures of the milkshakes and burgers Boston Burger Company on Instagram and needed to get them.

I'd seen a friend posting about Boston Burger Co. earlier in the fall and it's been stuck in my brain since then. Obviously, we went to Salem because it was Halloween and we wanted to take part in the madness. But Boston Burger Co. was our first stop. The place was packed (obviously) but the staff was super cool and were putting people on the waitlist and taking your number so you could still go walk around and they'd call when a table was ready.

By the time we sat down, we were both starving and couldn't wait to get our hands on burgers and one of their signature frappes. The menu is amazing. They have crazy craft burgers (I got the 420 Burger and Brandon got the Whiskey Tango Foxtrot), different varieties of loaded fries (we got the pizza fries), and a whole line of Freak Frappes. We tried the October special frappe, the Trick or Treat Freak Frappe. It literally had a giant slice of pumpkin spice cake on it and was SO GOOD.

They change out their signature Freak Frappe each month (November's is the Breakfast of Champions and it's legit decorated with pancakes and bacon.)

I would highly recommend anyone in Boston, Cambridge, Salem, or Somerville (Salem is their newest location) that you make a stop at Boston Burger Co.

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