Rib lovers everywhere are flipping out, I'm sure. Imagine getting paid to travel the country eating your favorite food? Looks like Reynolds Wrap is looking for someone to travel the country tasting some BBQ.

Your title, if you apply and get the job, would be Chief Grilling Officer. I'm not even the biggest fan of ribs or BBQ, but for the perks and pay, I'm thinking I may convert! Reynolds Wrap will take care of all your travel and lodging. It's a two-week commitment in August and the pay is an easy $10,000.

Where do I sign up?

Now, there is a little work involved. You do have to post for them on social media (which can really be a full-time job in itself). So how exactly do you apply for this awesome summer job? Just email them.

Now it appears time is running out for you to apply. All applications have to be received by midnight tonight, Central time. If my math is correct, that's 2 a.m here on the East Coast. So get to updating that resumé.

Which now I wonder, what do you put on your resumé to show you are qualified for the job? Do you just leave some BBQ sauce marks on the cover letter?

I certainly hope you get the job.

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