It's been a long time coming.

On Saturday, March 31st, 2018 at 1:00 PM, I'll be running my very first "official" 5K road race. I signed up for the "Guinness Ireland 5K" in New Bedford for multiple reasons:

1.) I've gained a lot of weight over the years here at Fun 107 and I'm currently on a mission to shed it all back to my original weight of 250.

2.) It's been a while since I've ran,been trying to get back into the "game for a while now.

3.) One of my bucket-list items was "Run a 5K"... so here I am!

For the past couple of months, I started running the streets of the Southcoast to train for the endurance and cardio it'll take to run 3.2 miles. I changed my diet entirely and even though I'm losing weight, I still had to work on my leg strength. Afterall, it takes a lot of energy and a strong pair of legs to push along my weight, but it's a challenge I'm proud to take on and support (literally).

I guess the end-game for this race to keep going once I'm finished (run-pun, ha!). Perhaps this will kick-start a whole new 'Me'... I'm always searching for motivation to better myself, perhaps this is the race that changes everything.

Stay Tuned.... #ForrestGump2StarringGazelle

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