Ever just look up at the sky and cloud-gaze? It's one of my favorite things to do to pass the little time that I rarely have.

Here's a fun fact for you: When I was at UMass Dartmouth, I developed an interest in meteorology after I took a class called "Intro to Clouds." From that moment on, I was destined to become a cloud chaser/scientist.

Weird, I'm aware, but there's something about clouds that fascinates me.

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The other day, I was chilling in the backyard, lounging on my hammock. It was a beautiful Sunday in New Bedford and I was taking advantage of the nice weather. As I gazed at the sky, I noticed a few clouds that looked like a turtle, one that reminded me of a dinosaur and another that resembled a Gazelle.

Perhaps it's my overactive imagination playing tricks on me, but I showed my fiancée and she agreed that it was spot on.

Gazelle/Townsquare Media
Gazelle/Townsquare Media

Then it had me overthinking. Could this be some kind of sign from the heavens above?

Why a Gazelle? (For those of you new here, look at my byline at the top of this article.) Did I see it for a reason? Is it nothing more than a coincidence? Welcome to my brain, which has the capacity to take something small and blow it out of proportion.

One of my best traits is turning nothing into motivation so I googled "what does a gazelle-shaped cloud represent" and got the answer I wasn't looking for but needed to see.

According to Star Animal Sundays, my inner animal spirit embodies my character and who I truly am on both the inside and out:

The Spirit Gazelle is a symbol of rising above adversity by fine-tuning one's most inherent resource - perception. Gazelle medicine represents being skilled at staying above the fray and steering clear of danger. This power animal navigates its terrain with grace and summons all available resources to open opportunities. Gazelle embodies femininity and artistry. The Gazelle was a sacred animal to the Egyptian goddess Anuket. The Celts viewed this creature as a symbol of perseverance and optimism.

Honestly, this is pretty spot-on, especially the perception part. My life has granted me nothing but opportunities thus far and when it comes to "femininity and artistry," I have no shame admitting to my sensitive side and love for the arts.

Again, it's just a cloud, but a cloud can spark one hell of a conversation.

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