Gazelle, Bryan the Promo Guy and Jerry the Sandwich Artist competed to see who the TRUE Sandwich Artist Champion really is!

Several years ago, I worked at a Subway Restaurant in Tiverton, RI and truth be told... I loved working there and I loved the job in general! As time passes on, I became quicker and more efficient with making sandwiches and eventually became Sandwich Artist of the month! This involves cash prizes and of course, bragging rights...

Recently, I was called out by one of the staff members at Subway by the name of Jerry and thought to myself... I got this!

My good friend and co-worker Brian who works in the promotions department and on the Street Team here at Fun 107 also was a former Subway Sandwich Artist and wanted in on the competition, so we let him.

In the end, there could only be one winner... One Master Sandwich Artist to take home the glory and fame of being a sandwich constructing genius.

So who won? See the video for yourself!