Would you have freaked out if this animal scurried onto you subway car?

Monday morning got off to an interesting start for passengers of a Red Line train.

According to Boston.com, just as the doors were closing at Ashmont station a mild panic broke out when passengers realized a squirrel had hopped on board.

Passengers say many people leaped up onto their seats as the wild animal scurried around the car. I totally would have done the same thing.

Luckily one passenger was Rosanne Foley, who knew it was just a baby and in need of their help.

That's when passengers reportedly banded together to aid the animal and help him get off two stops later.

Foley told Boston.com that one passenger used a cloth reusable bag to pick the squirrel up and it actually cuddled into her (awesome!).

And another passenger got out a granola bar to try and give it a snack.

I guess the little guy got pretty comfy on the train, cause Foley managed to post this picture on Twitter.

Personally I may have been too freaked out to cuddle a squirrel, but it looks adorable when someone else does it.

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