Former Red Sox player and New Bedford native, Brian Rose, talks about the shocking news over NESN letting go of their play-by-play commentator Don Orsillo.

According to ESPN, NESN analyst Jerry Remy spoke to reporters following last night’s game about the firing of his partner.

Remy was filled tears when he spoke to reporters.

He stated, “He's been an outstanding partner for 15 years, and I'm truly going to miss him on a work-related side and I'm going to miss him on a personal side because he also has become a very, very close friend of mine. I know that he's going to land on his feet and he's going to be in great shape. He's terrific at what he does, he's been absolutely fabulous to work with. I love him, and he's going to do just fine. I'm not worried about that part of it."

During the game, NESN issued a media release announcing that Orsillo would be replaced in the 2016 season by Dave O’Brien, who has been part of the Red Sox radio announcing team.

Orsillo was told that he was being let go by NESN about 10 days ago.

Check out the audio down below from an interview on the Fun Morning Show with former Red Sox pitcher and New Bedford native Brian Rose.

With additional reporting by Sal Lopez