Prizes have always been a major part of Fun 107's culture. In addition to giving away gift cards to dinner at the SouthCoast's most popular restaurants, we've given away trips to the Grammy Awards, we've given away cars, and we've given away plenty of cash.

One of my favorite parts of giving away prizes is when our listeners come to pick them up. I get to meet their kids, I get to pose for pictures with grand prize winners, and I've gotten to know some of the regular winners in person.

As many of you know, when COVID-19 hit, we shut down the Fun 107 studios for nine weeks, all of us broadcasting our shows from our homes. All of our office functions were suspended, including prize pickup.

As Massachusetts began to re-open, we had limited prize pickup hours (8 a.m. to noon), but while it was a necessary measure to take, we felt that we were falling short on our customer service. There are a lot of people who are unable to pick up their prizes during those hours. We want winning prizes on Fun 107 to be, well, fun – not a hassle.

We have decided to upgrade our customer service for prize pickup. Starting immediately, listeners that win prizes on Fun 107 will no longer have to make the trip to pick up their prize in person.

Our promotions department has been developing a contactless, digital system to redeem prizes. Necessary paperwork will be emailed to you to sign via DocuSign. Once it is returned, we will mail our prizes out to you.

While we will miss seeing you in person during prize pickup, this is a more modern and convenient method for our customers to receive their prizes.

As always, thank you so much for listening to the SouthCoast's No. 1 hit music station.

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