The one where Central Perk gets its first, real-life location in Boston.

Fans of the hugely popular television series, Friends, will now be able to enjoy a cup of coffee at the first-ever Central Perk coffeehouse and live out their fantasies of hanging with Phoebe, Monica, Rachel, Joey, Ross, and Chandler.

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Central Perk Is Coming to Boston

Even though the sitcom took place in New York, People made the exclusive announcement that the iconic coffeehouse would be coming to Newbury Street in Boston later this year as a collaboration between Warner Bros. Themed Entertainment and CenPer Holdings, LLC.

Top Chef judge and restaurateur Tom Colicchio, helped inspire the highly anticipated menu.

“The Boston iteration seeks to take inspiration from the original set all while operating a modern, fully functional coffeehouse that is here to stay,” said People.

As long as the worn-in, French country sofa is there, I’ll be happy.

Friends-Inspired Coffee Available Online

The highly-anticipated coffee shop will open its doors on November 14th and you can almost guarantee a line out the door as soon as that “Now Open” sign turns on.

Until then, fans can enjoy three coffee blends created by Warner Bros. Themed Entertainment and CenPer Holdings, LLC last year. The “How You Doin’” medium roast, the “Pivot Blend” medium to dark roast coffee, and the “We Were on a Coffee Break” dark roast blend are all available online, giving you a taste of what to expect when Central Perk becomes a reality.

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