Be honest with yourself, How often do you leave behind fries on your plate when going out to eat?

Unless you’re a seagull like me, who is also a proud member of the “clean plate club”, then the answer is most likely- often. However, what if I were to tell you that you were missing out on a budget-friendly at-home meal, starting those hand-cut restaurant spuds?

Hear me out: If you own an air fryer, then keep reading. This one’s for you.

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Before I met my fiancée, I had never witnessed anyone freezing any type of leftovers. The word itself, “leftovers”, was a myth in my household. Yet, here I have a hearty freezer full of food we didn’t want to waste and it’s honestly brilliant.

One day, while we were out to eat, our eyes were bigger than our stomachs and over-ordered. We were left with a plate full of fries from our favorite burger place- Max’s and decided to freeze them to enjoy at a later date.

That’s what started my obsession with collecting fries from various local restaurants.

The logic is simply having options to pair with different meals. For example: I just secured a fresh bag of seasoned fries from Sassaquin’s What’s Cookin'? that would pair perfectly with grilled burgers or hot dogs.

Just pop those split taters into the air fryer for a few minutes and “Bam!”- restaurant quality meets home cooking convenience.

You're welcome.

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