Possibly one of the biggest traditions amongst everyone in America is going to see fireworks on the Fourth of July every year. Last year, I feel as though the only fireworks I witnessed were in the streets of New Bedford and that doesn't replace the real deal over the waterfront.

This year, we were hoping to get back a little bit more normalcy, but unfortunately, some organizations do not see that happening for good reason. The Freetown Parade and Fireworks committee recently posted a status on its Facebook page stating that the event will not be held this year with the intention of making sure everyone remains safe and healthy.

"After our committee discussed the best and safest approach for our 2021's July 3rd Fireworks Festival and our 4th of July Parade - we voted to cancel. There are still too many unknowns to be second-guessing if we can put on both events with the pride and commitment we always do, but more importantly, have everyone involved be safe from the potential risks of Covid-19 in July 2021." — Freetown Parade and Fireworks Committee

While there is no guarantee for what the coming year or years have to come, the committee is hopeful that the parade and fireworks will be able to return to Freetown in 2022.

Until then, we can only hope that surrounding towns and cities such as Dartmouth and New Bedford are participating this year with a plan that will keep people safe and socially distanced. In my opinion- it's an outdoor event that can be seen for miles, so if spectators are interested in watching, perhaps there can be a way to spread out the crowd.


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