Gwen Young grew up in New Bedford, and was even our receptionist here at FUN 107 for several years.  In 2004 she relocated to the Houston, Texas area where she now sells real estate.

We spoke to Gwen on the phone and she told us of the many challenges that her family and hundreds of thousands of others are now facing in the wake of one of the worst storms to hit the U.S. in Many years.  Harvey has caused extensive flooding in the Houston area, and many more inches of rain are expected.  FEMA says it could take years before life is back to normal for many in that area.

Gwen considers herself lucky at this point because she still has no flooding inside of her home, and for the most part, her electricity is still on.  She's not able to drive far from her subdivision due to flooded roads, but was able to get to a nearby Walmart yesterday.  The line was out the door as the store was only letting a few shoppers in at any time.

Her friends and co-workers in Houston are keeping in close contact.  They've been told to only call 911 if they find themselves in a life-threatening situation.

Gwen Young Facebook

Of course, along with the wind and flooding come other hazards brought on by this monster storm.  This photo was taken in Gwen Young's neighborhood.

Gwen Young

Gwen took this photo last evening in her neighborhood, and we hope the water hasn't risen too much in the meantime, although it's expected to.  She also expects her real estate activity will come to a halt for weeks, if not months.   All of us at FUN 107 send our thoughts and prayers to Gwen and her family, as well as the millions who live in that region of Texas.