Facebook is the weirdest thing. The most ridiculous trends seem to periodically pop up. This week's trend is the broom challenge. It started yesterday when fake claims were being made about the earth's gravitational pull, and that NASA had declared that because of a particular tilting of the Earth's axis, we would be able to balance brooms.

Cool story, bro, but guess what? The balancing brooms you've seen on Facebook have nothing to do with where Mars is aligned or how many days we are away from the vernal equinox. If you were able to balance a broom last night, you'll be able to balance it today, and probably tomorrow. It has nothing to do with advanced physics or the stars.

We took the broomstick challenge one step further this morning during The Rock and Fox Show. I declared the broom challenge "amateur hour" and challenge anyone to balance a snow shovel.

I have to say, I nailed it, as evidenced by the picture above.

I didn't hesitate to brag about my accomplishments on Facebook. It didn't take long before I got some pushback from my cousin about the photo. She thought I was propping something up to hold the shovel still.

Michael Rock via Facebook

Needless to say, I was instantly offended by the suggestion that I'd ever try to pull one over on anyone. I immediately took another snapshot of me balancing the shovel. I made sure the picture was taken at an angle that made sure everyone could see that there was no funny business.

Let's see YOUR snow shovel balancing tricks!

Michael Rock/Townsquare Media
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