What began as an idea at the Fun 107 conference room table has become one of the most successful charity campaigns in the history of the station. Food For Tots has taken 2018 by storm, and we are loving every minute of it.

It is no secret that everyone here at Fun 107 LOVES to go out to eat. I mean, we really live for it. We thought it would be fun to team up with the best restaurants in each city or town here on the SouthCoast, so we launched our Food For Tots Tour.

Each month, we chose our faves from one of the towns, and then the restaurants generously donated 15 percent of their entire sales for one day. Food For Tots day quickly became a sort of folk holiday. We'd wish each other "Happy Food For Tots Day" greetings in the halls here at Fun 107.

Food For Tots

Now, eight months and 37 restaurants later, we are looking at our Food For Tots Grand Finale on November 15. All of our participating Food For Tots restaurants have all enthusiastically agreed to do it one more time! On November 15, they'll ALL donate 15 percent of their sales.

We can't thank our Food For Tots restaurants enough. Their generosity has wowed us each and every month. We're also so thankful for all of the Fun 107 listeners that made it a point to eat out at participating restaurants on Food For Tots days!

Together, we've raised over $63,000 for SouthCoast Pediatrics.

Our goal is to support the Boston Children's Hospital doctors that are treating our local children in the emergency department at St. Luke's. The money raised will be used for necessary medical equipment and supplies, but it will also be used to buy items that make the little patients' time in the hospital just a little more joyful.

Please review the list of Food For Tots Grand Finale restaurants above, and be sure to visit them on November 15.

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