Have you heard about Westport Federal Credit Union's Whateva Loan? It's one of the most versatile loans on the market and here's why you should consider it.

I met up with Katie Greene, Marketing and Business Development Manager for WFCU and Whateva Loan expert, to discuss the fundamentals and simplicity of using the loan, and was surprised to hear the variety of things for which I could use the loan.

Below are just a few examples amongst many that someone could use the Whateva Loan towards:


Whether you need to purchase airline tickets, hotel rooms, excursions, or simply just need spending cash, the Whateva Loan can make those expensive family vacations a dream come true.


Perhaps you have a new house that needs remodeling or updating and you're looking to check the task off your "Honey Do" list. Or maybe you need some emergency repairs that you just don't have the savings to cover. Let the Whateva Loan come to the rescue.


Not to be mistaken for a car loan, the Whateva Loan can really come in handy if your cooling system overheats or your timing belt snaps.


The average American will spend around $700 and sometimes even more around Christmas time shopping for family or friends. Think of this as a Christmas Club, but in fact, you're getting the money up front and don't have to worry about saving up to get little Billy a four-wheeler this holiday season.


Little do you know, you can actually save money on interest by consolidating all your bills into one. This way, you only have to worry and focus on one bill, which saves you the worry of missing a payment when all you'll have is one payment to make. No more getting slammed with five to seven bills in one pay period, which could potentially hurt your wallet.

These are just a few ideas of how the Whateva Loan can work for you. Stop by Westport Federal Credit Union today and see what other "whateva" ideas you can come up with!

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