April vacation week is underway and if you haven't made any plans yet, we can still help.

If you are like me, parents, then taking a trip during the kids' spring vacation is not happening. Personally, my crew is staying close to home and finding things in our own backyard to venture to this year.

Lucky for us on the SouthCoast, there are plenty of places worth exploring.

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Think about it. How many people plan vacations to our little corner of the world? We've got parks, beaches, historical sites and so much more.

So why worry about planning a vacation when you can kick back and enjoy all the local staycation action?

Of course, because it is April in New England, you never can tell what Mother Nature is going to throw our way. As Jackson pointed out, this month is set to be one of the rainiest on record.

Relax, we've still got you covered.

Whether we get gorgeous sunshine or doomy, gloomy clouds, we have five fantastic local day trips/family adventures that you can fit into any day of the April vacation week. Even today.

So get the crew ready to get up and go, because the SouthCoast has a lot going on right now and you've only got one week of vacation before school starts up again.

SouthCoast Stuff To Do During School Vacation Week

You don't have to actually go on vacation to enjoy April school vacation. Staying close to home can mean lots of fun-filled days and mini-day-trip adventures. Here are a few of our super-local suggestions for family fun on vacation week.

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