It's right around 3pm and you're starting to get that feeling like you need to munch on something. All your work is pretty much done, or at least been replaced by Minesweeper, so it's time to snack on the job. So what do you go for?

Well there certainly are options, but before you rush to that vending machine to grab a bag of greasy goodness, or maybe even something you thought was healthy, check this out.

Yahoo Sports has put together a list of food to avoid for at-work snacking, especially if you're trying to lose weight. Some of the answers may surprise you. They are basing their statistics on the metabolic chart of a 180 pound man.

Microwave Popcorn:

Seems like an office favorite, but should it be? While someone who isn't trying to lose weight may enjoy this, if you are gym bound it will take you 58 minutes to burn off this 210 calorie snack.

Power Bars:

They may seem like a healthy alternative, but just to burn off one power bar - 240 calories - you would need to do 1 hour and 6 minutes of intense exercise. Seems like an awful lot  just to burn off that afternoon snack.


It's not odd to see a box of these sweet treats laying around an office table with an inviting note that says 'Take One' with a smiley face. Don't be fooled, these will have you doing 72 minutes of intense exercise, and are worth about 260 calories. Put it down. There you go.


While you may think sodium is your only concern, a half cup of dry roasted peanuts will cost you 427 calories, and in order to burn it off you'll have to do an intense workout for 117 minutes, and that's just to burn off the nuts! better to just avoid them.

Dried Fruit

Healthy alternative to chips, right? WRONG. You might as well just have a few chips, because snacking on a bag of dried fruit will see 440 calories into your system, and to burn it off you better plan on being at the gym for two hours.

Information provided by Yahoo Sports: 15 Snacks You Eat at Work That Take You Too Long To Burn Off