This story could not get any more New England, even if it tried.

It may have happened in Fitchburg, MA, but it’s all too relatable for any New Englander that will do whatever it takes to get their Dunkin’ in the morning.

When a Fitchburg woman was traveling through town, she came across a construction site that seemingly blocked off a road, but the site proudly announced that traffic to Dunkin’ was still accessible.

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Amanda Cote of Fitchburg was out and about, and when she traveled down River Street after work, she came across the sign.

“I first saw the sign on Monday after I got out of work, and got a lot of giggles out of it,” said Cote. “Apparently the photo strikes a cord!”

At first glance, Cote’s photo appears to be a typical detour situation, with a hazard barrier, a bright orange “detour” sign, and another sign that read “Road Closed to Thru Traffic.”

But it’s the sign underneath those that is catching attention.

“Open to Dunkin” is proudly displayed to let coffee lovers know that the road may be closed, but not for travelers in need of Dunks.

And this isn’t a hand-written sign. This is a legitimate sign seemingly made by Mass DOT.

With almost 4,000 shares and counting, New Englanders are getting a kick out of this construction site.

“We don’t mind closed roads but if Dunkin’ can’t be accessed, people will tear up the streets!!” joked one Facebook user.

“Gotta love New England,” said another.

Nothing says Massachusetts like construction zones and Dunkin signs. But this moment definitely tops the list.

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