If you were a frequent patron of the Feast of the Blessed Sacrament in New Bedford then you probably also went to the Feast of the Holy Ghost in Fall River.

It should be taking place this weekend at the historical Saint Anne's Church and I'm sure a few mini-celebrations are probably still happening behind closed doors, but boy, will I miss it.

In my personal opinion, this feast is a little more family-oriented with lots of local bands and events for kids and adults alike. Let's not forget the endless malasadas that in most cases was made fresh right in front of you.

Then there's the amazing parade that they have with traditional Portuguese dancing with colorful outfits marching down Main Street in Fall River. This celebration tends to lean more toward the traditional feast.

I can't say I ever heard this feast having a "clinka count" but I can't imagine it's as high as the one here in New Bedford.

Yes, the turnout for this feast is not even a quarter of what we see here in New Bedford but I think I actually like this feast better for its genuine vibe.

Either way, I need some Maderia wine and some sweet bread to the face and some sweaty Portuguese grandparents reliving their youth while dancing the evening away.

Who else is missing celebrating their heritage?

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