I thought I saw it all until I came across a free wheelchair that once fit a ferret.

Nicole Souza of Fall River recently posted in a local Facebook group a photo of a tiny wheelchair that she wants to give to someone whose ferret was in need of assistance.

Now, I’ve never heard of wheelchairs small enough for ferrets before, but Souza was able to find someone after her little guy “Losi” (short for Carlos) was diagnosed with a cancerous tumor. 

Photo Courtesy of Nicole Souza
Courtesy Nicole Souza

After Losi had his tumor removed, he needed help getting around – and that's when Souza found a mom-and-pop business who made custom made tiny wheelchairs just for pets as small as ferrets. It's called Connie and Euel Oliver's Freedom Flyer Wheelchairs for Disabled Ferrets and it's the most heart-warming group I've ever seen.

Through the kindness of their own hearts, Connie and Euel find the time to construct these little devices that help with all types of disabilities ferrets might have, just to give them another shot at having a normal life. They're called "Freedom Flyers" and they truly are a godsend for ferret owners.

Below is an example of another happy customer's ferret breaking in his "Freedom Flyer" for the first time:

Sadly, although Losi survived his surgery, he passed on shortly after the tumor began to grow back around this time last year and was never able to use his special Freedom Flyer. He was only four years old. So Souza is offering to pass on the wheelchair to anyone with a pet ferret who could use the helping hand – or, in this case, helping wheels.

Losi was not your average ferret, he was special and helped Souza's blind dog, Ray Charles, as his seeing-eye ferret around the house. They were the best of friends.

"My dog now sleeps with the ferret's pillow," Souza told Fun 107. "He brings the pillow with him everywhere he goes."

If anyone is interested or knows of anyone who could use a Freedom Flyer for their little ferret buddy, please reach out to me at Gazelle@Fun107.com and I'll be happy to pass on the information and connect you with Souza.

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