You really never know what you might find when you are doing renovations to a house.  There may be money hidden in the walls, a Celtics trophy, or a postcard mailed to Fall River over a hundred years ago.

While Casey Brown didn't find any hidden treasure, she did find an interesting keepsake. Her family has owned a triple-decker on Warren Street since the 1980s, but the house had been in existence long before that.

When Casey's parents bought the home, the third floor was just storage space.  Recognizing the potential to earn more rent, the family decided to gut out the space, knocking down walls to start from scratch.  When they did, they stumbled upon an old postcard.

"The postcard was postmarked from East Providence," said Casey Brown.

The card read:

Joyce is going to be staying here tonight.  Met a friend of yours Saturday night.  Delia Monahan.  East Providence school teacher.  Will send times Wednesday.

Courtesy of Casey Brown
Courtesy of Casey Brown

The postmark on the card read March 2, 1908.  The front of the postcard was an image of the Catholic Institute in Valley Falls, Rhode Island.  Interesting that a visit to Providence would be worthy of sending a postcard to Fall River.

The postcard remains in remarkable shape with little to no deterioration to the structure.  "It's in super-good shape," Brown said.  "There's only one corner of the card that is cut off. Other than that, I'm holding it and it's like a new postcard."

Brown says the hope is to find someone who might know who the people are on the postcard.  Delia, Mary and Joyce all seem to still be a mystery.

All we really know is that Joyce stayed over that night.

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