One Fall River woman had a stressful weekend when she discovered that someone had broken into her vehicle. But it didn’t stop after one break-in, and from the sounds of it, the burglar took the woman’s tip that she posted online to “next time, clean up after yourself.”

Jesska Quiterio went outside to clear off the sidewalk on Harrison Street early Sunday morning when she noticed that her car door was open a crack. When she went to investigate, she found her belongings thrown everywhere as if someone was rummaging through her stuff.

After taking inventory of her items, she realized the burglar only took some change from her center console, but not before they ransacked Quiterio’s diaper bag and other belongings.

Quiterio was furious, so she posted to a local Fall River Facebook group to confront the burglar in her own way.

“Next time you decide to go through (my car) at least put (stuff) back the way you took it out not touch my son’s diaper bag and close my door properly," she wrote. "Since you (saw) the mail with my address on it, next time just ring my doorbell, I would have been more than happy to have taken the change out for you.”

People enjoyed her humor about the situation and responded with stories of their own break-in experiences – but Quiterio’s experience didn’t stop there.

It turns out that the burglar returned for a second time and Quiterio is confident that they saw her post on Facebook, because this time they at least tried to be tidy.

“Guess that person seen my post of them breaking into my car,” she wrote, “Because they came back a second time, went through it again, and put (stuff) back sloppily, but still can’t close the door right.”

At least this burglar is a good listener.

All in all, the burglar stole about two dollars’ worth in loose change, and while this particular break-in wasn’t too damaging, Quiterio said this type of thing happens way too often in her area and has always been an issue in her Fall River neighborhood. She decided to personally reach out to town hall and Mayor Paul Coogan in hopes of “putting lights back up and having new bulbs put in” on her street, saying, “Had there have been a light where we had one on our street, maybe I would have had a better chance of catching them.”

Light would help, but the problem still stands that break-ins are all too common.

Always remember to tuck away valuable items and lock your vehicle doors at night. Not every burglar will return with cleanliness in mind.

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