All right Fall River, can someone please tell me what's wrong with the picture above? If you guessed "that person parked in the middle of the aisle," then you'd be correct.

Just when I thought I've seen it all, this Hyundai proved me wrong.

A good buddy of mine, Chris Johnson, was about to do some casual grocery shopping at the Mariano Bishop Boulevard Stop & Shop recently when he came face to face with this unbelievable parking job. There was nobody in the car and it was about 10 feet from a parking spot.

There are just way too many questions left unanswered.

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My favorite Facebook groups are the ones that showcase people who could use a lesson or two on how to properly park and this photo is the epitome of what the group stands for. You can read all about this specific Massachusetts group here.

Now, I can understand if there was snow on the ground covering the lines, but as you can see, the ground is as dry as the Arizona desert. If this was in fact a medical emergency, then I'd feel pretty bad, but I'm almost certain that this is not the case here.

If there's one pet peeve that really irks me, it's people who think they can just park wherever they want, however they want.

I'm told there were plenty of spaces available, so there really isn't any excuse here. I mean, I understand that gas prices are ridiculous, and if this little SUV ran out of gas, then I'm sure there could have been someone to push it out of the way.

Does this vehicle belong to you? I'll give you the chance to explain why you chose the middle of an aisle to leave it.

Email me at and clear my mind of this confusion.

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