Summer is a great time to head to Buttonwood Park or Brooklawn Park and have a picnic, right?

Or maybe you head to Fall River's dockside pub Tipsy Seagull.

Over this past weekend, Tipsy Seagull posted a picture on its Facebook page to show this new experience of dining at a picnic table on the water.

Our Facebook friend Jennifer Veader and her friends were the first to try it. They were out there for six hours.

Tipsy Seagull/Facebook
Tipsy Seagull/Facebook

She said they weren't tethered to anything and had to dog paddle themselves back to the deck.

I'd so be down for this but would absolutely want to be tethered or anchored to the deck. I asked her how they got their food and drinks. They do have wait staff bringing your food to the dock, but you have to get your table back to the dock to get your drinks. I also would want to bring a DDD—a Designated Dock Driver, someone that will stay sober enough to make sure we can get back to the dock.

Here is the video Jennifer shared with us. Keep in mind, Jennifer and her friends were the very first to try this out. I'm sure they have made some adjustments to this experience since:

I'm thinking they may want to give life vests for those that want to hang out on the picnic table. Seems like a must-do before the summer ends.

Other than a life vest, I'm totally down for this. Who is with me? I do a mean doggy paddle.

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