When it comes to adopting a dog, there are some very real advantages to adopting an older one. This is especially true if you are a family that can't match the hyped energy of a puppy.

Also, just ask Fun 107's Maddie Levine how much she'd want to have her 7-month-old French Bulldog trained and past the accident stage of his life.

Older dogs tend to be easier. They are more "chill."

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This goes for one of the dogs at Fall River's Forever Paws Animal Shelter. His name is Bombay, but the staff at Forever Paws call him Papa Bear because he is such a gentle, old soul. Bombay is roughly 60 pounds of distinguished older gentleman and he's just looking for a place to live out his golden years in comfort and style.

This boy is an absolute dream on a leash. You almost wouldn't even believe he weighs as much as he does. Forever Paws estimates his age is roughly 8. Bombay has started to slow down, but does still get the zoomies, especially when there's snow outside.  Snow is his favorite.

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Bombay does well with other dogs and has previously lived with them. The shelter would prefer to place him with female dogs. No cats for this boy, and children 10 and older, please.

Forever Paws requires potential adopters of Bombay to be homeowners or live in homes owned by family.

Visit foreverpaws.com and click adopt to download an application. Once complete, you can email it to fpas1@foreverpaws.com or fax it to 508-677-9175.

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