A desperate dog in horrific condition was brought to Forever Paws Animal Shelter in Fall River on Wednesday evening, and the dog is now the subject of a cruelty case.

The shelter is now asking for assistance as Pip the dog heads to emergency amputation surgery Thursday.


Courtesy of Forever Paws Animal Shelter
Courtesy of Forever Paws Animal Shelter

Arianna Silva, Director of Forever Paws, shared graphic details with Fun 107 of the dog’s terrible condition.

“His matting was so bad that he had maggots living in his fur,” Silva said. “One of his eyes was matted closed.”

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It gets worse. When the veterinarian finally completed the removal of the matted fur, damage to Pip’s leg was clearly visible and you could see the bone and tissue. He is in need of an emergency leg amputation, but the positive news is that he is now in good hands at a local animal hospital.

“We are so grateful they agreed to take him on,” expressed Silva.

Due to the severity of the situation, Forever Paws is asking for the community’s help in providing Pip another chance at life.

“Please help us give that to him,” Silva said. “No amount is too small.”

Scan this QR Code to donate:

Courtesy of Forever Paws Animal Shelter
Courtesy of Forever Paws Animal Shelter

Other Ways to Donate

  • Venmo @ForeverPaws-AnimalShelter
  • Call and make a credit card payment to the shelter at (508) 677-9154
  • PayPal
  • Drop in to the shelter or send a check to 300 Lynwood St, Fall River, MA 02721
  • If you cannot donate, consider sharing Pip’s story to save his life.
  • This cruelty case is currently under investigation.


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