Following several weeks of submarines making headlines, a Fall River native is in training to be a part of a 123-year tradition of service under the sea.

“Sometimes I look at myself in the mirror and I think ‘wow, I really did it. I didn't just talk about it, I did it.’ It's an indescribable feeling.” --Elexis Leary

Submariners play a critical role in carrying out one of the Defense Department’s most important missions: strategic deterrence. As a student at Navy Submarine School, Seaman Apprentice Elexis Leary is learning what is needed to operate aboard submarines so they can successfully complete missions around the world

“I joined the Navy because I realized there are so many opportunities it provides like schooling in trades that transfer into the civilian world,” said Leary.  Growing up in Fall River, Leary attended Plymouth South High School and graduated in 2022.

Will it be more difficult navigating submarine school as a woman?  Leary thinks it might, but she is ready for it.

“In the city I grew up in, I learned I needed to work harder to break out and do something different,” said Leary. “As a female submariner, I will need to work harder but I'm prepared for it.”

Leary says that boot camp was extremely difficult, but her hard work paid off.  “I am proud of being meritoriously promoted in boot camp,” said Leary. “I worked really hard and I thought it went unnoticed, but in the end, it didn't go unnoticed and my hard work paid off.”

Leary added a piece of advice for those who may be considering a career in the Navy.“If you’re thinking about joining, just do it,” added Leary. “Take that step and get out of your comfort zone because it's worth it.”

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