With less than two weeks’ notice, Kris “Soulles” Moutinho is ready to make his UFC debut on Saturday, July 10 at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas. Considered the underdog against his opponent Sean “Sugar” O’Malley, Moutinho is more than ready to represent the SouthCoast and show the world what he’s made of.

Moutinho spoke with Michael and Maddie this morning about getting the call of his dreams.

“My manager, Tyson, told me I made it through the first round of selections,” Moutinho said, "And when he told me I got the fight, it was go time after that.”

Moutinho has been fighting mixed martial arts for the past 15 years and currently spends most of his time at Regiment Training Center in Fall River. Other notable teammates of Moutinho are Fall River’s own Yorgan DeCastro and Mitch Raposo. Every minute on the mats has led up to this point, and while Moutinho is new to UFC, he is certainly not new to the fight game.

“It’s really no different, man," he said of fighting on the bigger stage. "I’m not looking at this as ‘I made it.' I won’t make it until I’ve been in the UFC for 10 years, that’s when I feel like I made it. Right now, it’s just another fight.”

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O’Malley has gained a large following for his flashy skills and out-of-the-box personality, and fans of the “Sugar Show” were quick to haggle Moutinho online. Moutinho is unbothered by it.

“This is a non-forgiving sport. You’re cool one minute and you’re not the next, and if I starch Sean O’Malley, he’s going to feel that too," he said.

After his debut, Moutinho plans on eating a celebratory meal at McDonald’s before getting right back to work.

Catch Kris “Soulless” Moutinho make his first walk to the UFC cage on Saturday, July 10 for UFC 264 on PPV.

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