Last week, my daughter had multiple close COVID-19 contacts at school. Three of my son's friends had contracted COVID. My wife's teaching partner had it. We suspected Maddie of having COVID. It was surrounding our family.

I decided to go online to make an appointment for us all to be tested. The first available appointment was six days away. Add onto that the 24-48 hours to get back the results (unless they are delayed) and you are looking at a solid eight to 10 days from the need to get a test until you're looking at results. To me, at that point, it is totally useless information.

I vented my frustration on the air last week, not having any idea that the flood gates were preparing to be opened. Recognizing the incredible need for COVID tests during the Omicron surge, Charlie Merrow, CEO of Merrow Manufacturing in Fall River, decided to pump them into our community.

Chris Arsenault/Townsquare Media
Chris Arsenault/Townsquare Media

Merrow appeared on Michael and Maddie this morning to tell us about it.

"We have 400,000 tests arriving this morning in Fall River, and we'll have 500,000 tests available every week at reasonable prices," he said.

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If you've tried to buy an at home COVID test, you know the struggle. If you can even find one, they cost roughly $35 each. Merrow will be making these tests available at roughly $13 a test.

"The best part is if you order one online today, you'll have it delivered to your door tomorrow," he said.

The company is selling the rapid tests online at The tests are available in packs of two or 25. There is also an option for discounted pricing by enrolling for a weekly subscription.

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