One of America's favorite foods, hot dogs, are also one of my favorite go-to lunches. Luckily for me, Fall River is loaded with hot dog joints throughout the city, giving me a decent amount of options.

Now, normally the first place I like to hit up is Faneek's over on Rhode Island Ave, but I also enjoy going to Nick's over on South Main and also Graham's on Bedford Street. Each place has its own way of cooking their wieners and prepping their specialty sauces. Where I go to normally depends on where I'm closest to whenever I'm around the Fall River area.

Growing up, my father would always take my brother and I to get a couple of franks that were always washed down with either a coffee milk or an ice cold Snapple Apple. There were never any name brand chips, other than Utz, but they were just as delicious and paired perfectly with my dogs.

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Just last weekend, I was trying out a place I haven't been to yet called Nick's Jr. located just down the street from Nick's Hot Dogs (same owners) and that's when it dawned on me that there's no better deal around than the ones offered at all of these hot dog establishments. One deal was two hot dogs, a bag of chips and a soda for only five bucks; another deal gave you a free hot dog for every five that you buy. If you know me well enough, then you know that I'm around the five to six mark every time I order, so that's a sweet deal for sure.

You can get a loaded hot dog or one with the works at Faneek's for only $1.80, which means I can get five for less than $10, which is what I would minimally spend for any other lunch option. Over at Graham's, they're offering a free hot dog if you buy six of the same. It's not as good as the deal over at Nick's Jr, but it's still free food and I'm all about that life.

While most places are selling their hot dogs somewhere between a buck or two, the cheapest plain hot dog in the city of Fall River is J&J's at a low price of $1.45 each, just behind $1.50 over at Graham's.

Regardless of the price, let's remember that when it comes to hot dogs, Fall River is king. It's what you put on them, how many you get and what you get for sides that really brings the deal to life.

Oh, what I wouldn't do for a half dozen of Coney Island weenies with the works (insert drooling emoji).

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