Raeshelle Cooke of Fall River is the creator and writer of a new film entitled Woke that is getting worldwide recognition.

We have so much local talent and I get excited when I hear one of our own is making a name for themselves. Cooke has been hard at work on her film, a futuristic look at racial inequality.

This past weekend, Cooke's film was featured at the Hip Hop Film Festival. The film is timely as protests continue across the country.

Cooke's film was featured this past Saturday and in order to follow social distancing, it was done virtually. Typically, the festival takes place in New York.

Raeshelle and I caught up on Facebook and I asked her how she was feeling after being featured in the film festival and what was next for her?

"I'm feeling pretty happy and excited about the screening. It's difficult to get people to pay to see a short film, and we got two handfuls of people to see Woke, so as an independent filmmaker it's hopeful and encouraging, especially during COVID where now online screenings may be the way to make a living for some filmmakers," she said. "It's definitely encouraging. I really appreciate the love and support everyone showed to us and our film in the chat. People seemed genuinely impressed by Woke's twist ending. "

And what's up next?
"Right now I'm working on another virtual screening for Woke. I cold-emailed a filmmaker through the Hip Hop Film Festival, and we're in talks to collaborate on a screening of our films, so I'm extremely excited about that," she said. "I'm also working on turning our short film Woke into a feature. So if you are a sci-fi feature-length screenplay writer or know someone who is, definitely get in contact with me!"

I can't wait to see this powerful film from one talented woman who has several writing and film ventures already under her belt. I'm hoping to run into Raeshelle to say thank you in person for sharing her amazing talents.

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