I never thought I'd see the day where I would say "in my day, we used crayons and paintbrushes in art class," but here we are now that students are learning art digitally.

A recent post on the Fall River District School Facebook page showcased Mrs. Wagner's fifth-grade class learning about line and color with digital lessons. They even took a virtual field trip to see murals painted across the United States.

While art was never my calling, I remember being able to truly get creative and just draw in art class while learning about textures and mixing colors as well as some history of some of the famous artists. Is that going away now? It appears not entirely. Students are still being asked to draw using their personal supplies.

For me, this was a "hands-on" class, with supplies and experimentation. I commend these teachers for what they are doing and trying to make sure our students are still getting the education and experiences we did. I feel like art is something you have to touch and experience as much as possible.

I would actually look forward to art class because no matter how bad my painting came out, the teacher would always provide positive feedback and reinforcement. No matter the outcome, it was about expressing yourself.

Maybe I'm just old school but I don't think drawing digitally will have the same impact as if students had a paintbrush in their hand.

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