Believe it or not, we are only just about two months away before summertime fun is replaced with the spooky season of fall. I love getting scared, and with the growing popularity of haunted events during autumn, I know I’m not alone.

But instead of getting scared, what would it be like to do the scaring? Factory of Terror in Fall River is prepared to show what it feels like.

The Factory of Terror has been scaring Fall River residents for decades, with new tricks up its scary sleeves every year, and it always amazes me how truly terrifying the ghost, ghouls, and goblins are. Nathan Araujo, operations manager, has been involved for many years, and takes pride in the impressive training program his team puts the actors through.

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“We host classes before the season starts, run by the managers and acting coaches that have been with us for the 25 years we’ve been around,” Araujo said. “We go over the different types of scares, how they are performed, and what to look for in a customer.”

Just when I thought there was only one type of "scare," it turns out there are several. Araujo and his team teach the actors the different types, from loud and energetic, to quiet and creepy, to being a behind-the-scenes scarer and triggering certain props. There’s truly a method to the madness.

The Factory of Terror shared on Facebook that it is ready to welcome new actors, makeup artists, and event staff members to its team, and urges anyone who is into all things scary to apply.

Like Araujo said, there’s not many jobs out there that encourage you to yell at customers.

Trade in your scaredy pants for the scary costume this Halloween season – if you dare…

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