A Fall River restaurant is paying it forward to help keep residents cool as temps heat up.

Christopher's Restaurant shared a Facebook post this morning inviting anyone who needs to cool down can stop by their 1816 South Main Street location for a complimentary boxed water on them.

The owner went on to say that there is no need to purchase anything and no catch.

The company, Boxed Water, gifted Christopher's a few cases and they want to pay it forward to those who need it.

Christopher's via Facebook
Christopher's via Facebook

With temperatures expected to reach 90 and above in Fall River and surrounding areas over the next few days, the gift of refreshing water will be a welcome reprieve for those who need to cool down while out and about.

This isn't the first time owner Christopher Silvia has given back to people in the neighborhood. Earlier this month, workers cleaning the area were treated to a free lunch, compliments of the chef.

When asked why Silvia thinks giving back to the community is important, he said he is always surprised when he is asked that question.

"I don't think giving back is 'special'. I just think it's human. It's the right thing to do,” he said. “I sound uber corny but I'm always surprised when people think it's not normal to give back."

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It doesn't take much to notice that Silvia has a love for the community and thinks there's something unique about their location. The building has had a major renovation this year, in a part of the city that seemed to be forgotten.

"This neighborhood is special because I like underdogs, and this was definitely an underdog,” he said.

Christopher's via Facebook
Christopher's via Facebook

The local restaurant and bakery opened earlier this spring and has been a wonderful addition to the South Main Street neighborhood.

The transformation of the old space has residents taking notice but it's what's inside that is getting all the buzz. Daily specials, salads, sandwiches and baked goods are a culinary delight, setting Christopher's apart from anything else in the city.

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