I've seen many strange things in my life, but nothing comes close to the confusion that has ensued from this photo of a parked car.

Over in Fall River, at the Walmart Supercenter on Quequechan Street. is where a parked car defied physics and left me dumbfounded. There are just so many questions that I need answers to, but I somehow don't know where to begin.

Amy Beaulieu, a resident of Fall River, was out and about one day when she spotted the anomaly parked between two white lines with one of the rear tires suspended up in the air.

Photo Courtesy of Amy Beaulieu
Photo Courtesy of Amy Beaulieu

"Went to Walmart with my mom today. I always take a pic so I can remember where I parked, I do it at market Basket also. I just had to share this, I don't think they parked like an idiot, but I just wanted someone else to see what I saw in the picture." — Amy Beaulieu on Facebook

If you look close enough, there is no sign of a car jack and the vehicle is not up on top of any curbs. It legit hurts my brain as I'm trying to figure out how much this phenomenon makes zero sense.

Note that there is no one in the car at the time that the photo was taken. If anyone has any answers at all as to how this car can be levitating with one tire still touching the ground, I'm all ears. Shoot me an email at Gazelle@Fun107.com and I'll be happy to chat further on this strange, yet interesting photo.

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