The folks over at Party Dress Express are starting their 2019 by giving back to a Fall River woman who lost her wedding dress in the fire on New Year's Day. 

Ron Chapple Stock

The owners of Party Dress Express were watching news reports of the fires that devastated the Four Winds Apartments in Fall River on New Years Day when they heard of one of the residents losing her wedding dress in the blaze.

Knowning that they could help, they offered to have her come into the store and pick out a new wedding dress free of charge.

According to the groom, his fiancée had brought her gown home on New Year's Eve in anticipation of their upcoming August wedding. Unfortunately, they were not able to salvage the dress in the fire.

We know Party Dress Express regularly gets invovled in helping their community but what a nice way to kick off the New Year by making sure one couple's special day isn't ruined by tragic circumstances.

If you are looking to help the victims of the fire, you can donate gift cards at the Fall River Fire Department or make donations at any branch of St. Anne's Credit Union in Fall River. 

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