There are two things in the world I could devour at any time: beer and chocolate cake. Combine them and you have yourself a winner.

Allow me to introduce to you the most unorthodox yet surprisingly delicious beer to hit the SouthCoast. It's called Death By Chocolate Cake Imperial Chocolate Stout. It's the result of a collaboration between Canned Heat Craft Beer Co. in Fall River and Rhode Island's legendary Gregg's Restaurants and Taverns.

It's a "deadly" fusion of hops and chocolate that left my tastebuds wanting more.

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Fun 107's Michael and Maddie had a surprise visit from Canned Heat head brewer Justin Holmander and production manager Steven Sherman who brought some tasty treats. From their South Shore-style pizza to their jalapeño cheddar-stuffed pretzels, this is food that goes great with beer.


We sampled the Death By Chocolate Cake stout. After one sip, I was hooked.

"We had Gregg's come down to the brewery to check out our portfolio," Holmander said. "They wanted to have our beer in their restaurant, and while we were there we started chattin' it up and they said, 'Hey, we kinda had an idea for a Death by Chocolate beer.' Since Steve and I love to do what we call pilot batches, or small batches, we got to work."

Courtesy Canned Heat Brewery
Courtesy Canned Heat Brewery

It took multiple back-and-forth visits to Gregg's until the flavor was perfected.

Is there actual chocolate cake in the beer?

"We ate the cake then asked ourselves, 'How do we do this in a beer?,'" Holmander said. "You can make a pretty chocolaty beer, even without chocolate to be honest. ... In this beer, we put 120 pounds of actual chocolate into the batch, which is about a quarter-pound of chocolate per gallon and it goes down easily."

Canned Heat and Gregg's have concocted something sinfully sweet, allowing the consumer to indulge their senses as these culinary maestros blend rich cocoa, velvety malt and Gregg's signature chocolate goodness into a delectable brew.

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