School is temporarily out, students are going stir crazy at home and my hat goes off to all the teachers out there.

I truly applaud those who connect with their students on a wholesome level. This is a very different time that we're living in, but our local teachers are going above and beyond to reach out to their class with positive messages.

Drew Furtado is a teacher at Fairhaven High School who has put together a song of optimism as a project that was requested by the administration for his students, and it's just what we needed to brighten our day.

Wash your hands!

A great message from a wise man. What the world needs more of is videos like this.

Furtado is a former Emmy award-winning Boston TV news photographer who is currently the media and film production teacher at Fairhaven High School. According to Furtado's Twitter, he describes himself as a "Connoisseur of Positivity" and after watching this video he made for his students, I couldn't agree more.

I'll end by saying this: I've seen more positive and happy stories flood out of the SouthCoast over the last few weeks and my only wish is that this trend continues, even long after the epidemic passes.

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