The SouthCoast is home to some incredible animal shelters that dedicate their time to giving animals a chance. A chance at a better life and a chance to find a loving family. Fun 107 is proud to join that mission through Wet Nose Wednesday, a day dedicated to one lucky animal that is ready to be adopted. This week, the spotlight will be shared by a few felines that are ready to bring joy to the perfect family.

At the Fairhaven Animal Shelter in Fairhaven, nine young kittens wait to be chosen. Eight are black, one is gray, and all nine of them are full of love.

“When we enter the room all we can hear are nine drum rolls,” joked Terry Cripps, the director of the shelter. “They are all in the same room and get along well together.” A cat’s purr is one of my favorite sounds. Think of it as their version of a dog’s tail wagging.

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The kittens have been living at the shelter since they were only a few weeks old. Coming from three different litters, the seven males and two females have become the best of friends. They love to play and seem to enjoy affection and attention. Whether you choose one kitten or nine, you are choosing a kitten that’s full of love and energy.

Do these kittens sound like a nice addition to your family? Contact the Fairhaven Animal Shelter, like them on Facebook, and schedule a play date.

Fairhaven Animal Shelter

200 Bridge Street, Fairhaven, MA 02719

(508) 979-4028

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