Some sad news to report from the Friendly's in Fairhaven. 

We got word earlier today that Friendly's on Rt. 6 in Fairhaven had removed the iconic red sign from the front of their location and had posted a note on the door saying they would be permanently closed.

Courtesy: Christopher Richard


After a call over to the restaurant, it was confirmed that the Fairhaven location was closing and that they were urging customers to continue visiting the location on Rt. 6 in Dartmouth.

Courtesy: Christopher Richard

Social media was quickly buzzing with rumors that the Dartmouth Friendly's wouldn't be far behind the Fairhaven location in closing its doors, but we were assured that the Dartmouth Friendly's has no intention of closing any time soon.

When reached by phone, an employee at the Fairhaven Friendly's confirmed that location is now permanently closed, and said patrons could visit their North Dartmouth location. When pressed if there were any plans for that location to close as well, the employee said the North Dartmouth store has no plans to close.

Since we can still get our Munchie Mania and SuperMelts in Dartmouth, we're now wondering what we'll see that Friendly's spot on Huttleston Ave.